white metal shelf with food packs
white metal shelf with food packs

Animal feed & Poultry supplies

Chicken Feed
50kg bag of Mash Layer Feed :R200
50kg bag of Stater Feed :R220
50kg bag of Grower Feed :R180
50 kg bag of Finisher Feed :R180
4 Litre Water Fount 3/100 Chicks: R48.00
8 Litre Water Fount 1/100 Birds: R120.00
12 Litre Water Fount 1/100 Birds:R141.00
Auto Drinker MK6 1/100 Birds: R266.00
Plastic Combi Nipple - Drip Cup Required 1/12 Birds: R13.00
360° Round Pipe Nipple No Drip Cup Required 1/12 Birds: R23.00
Anti-Drowning Ring – 3 & 4 Litre Water Fount:R10.00
Water Fount Heightener – 3 & 4 Litre Water Fount: R18.00
Water Tank Complete – 5 Litre HP Float Valve: R354.00

Cleaning Products
Farm Wash One (250 ml): R20.00
Farm San Two (250 ml): R27.00
Superwash (5 litre): R175.00
Superwash (25 litre): R649.00
Vet Ultracide Sanitizer (5 litre): R293.00
Vet Ultracide Concentrate (5 litre): R708.00

Maxi / Mini Thermometer: R251.00
Digital Hygrometer: R1021.00

Hay is a type of dried grass or legumes that are commonly used as animal fodder. It is harvested and dried during the summer months when the grasses are at their peak nutrition. Hay is an essential part of livestock farming as it provides necessary nutrients for the animals, especially during the winter months when fresh grass is scarce. It is typically stored in barns or sheds to protect it from moisture and rot. Hay comes in different varieties such as timothy, alfalfa, or clover, each with its own nutritional value. In addition to its role as animal feed, hay is also used for bedding in barns and stables. Overall, hay plays a crucial role in the agricultural industry, ensuring the health and well-being of livestock.

Egg incubators are devices used to artificially hatch eggs. These machines provide a controlled environment that mimics the conditions required for eggs to hatch naturally. They are equipped with temperature and humidity controls to ensure optimal conditions for the eggs. We have various capacity of incubators from New to Used we have something available for you.

Packaging Boxes
Day Old Chick Transportation Box 1/100 Chicks: R25.00
Live Bird Crate 8 – 10 Birds: R243.00
Open Chick Crate 1 -80 chicks: R79.00

AviBlue Water Purifying Sachets (12.5 g):R18.00
Hipraviar-CLON/H120 (1 000 DS) – Newcastle Disease (Day 10):R91.00
HipraGumboro (1 000 DS) – Gumboro Disease (Day 14 & 18): R62.00
AviproGumboro (1 000 DS) – Gumboro Disease (Day 14 & 18): R64.00
Hipraviar S (1 000 DS) – Newcastle Disease (Day 21)